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Your Destination for Character Products.

We’re a passionate team dedicated to bringing the characters from Based Comic into your home. Characters who will sit on your couch and stare at you uncomfortably.

Everyone deserves a piece of our comic universe. On your mugs, on your tote bag, on your clothes. Maybe we’ll figure out a way to put in on your face—don’t tempt us.

We test all of our products on ourselves to make sure everything we offer is of the highest quality, fitted for comfort and ready to show off our characters in the best light. The best light they’re capable of, let’s not go crazy here. Dillon is who he is.

But we’re not just about creating amazing products—we’re also about helping fans let others know about their passion for Based Comic. Specifically to alarm other people. I mean, how dare you love your country and vote for your own best interests? Seriously.

We would tell you we’re committed to ethical and sustainable practices but actually we don’t care about that. We think sustainable practices are hokey. You’re welcome.

Taylor West

Independent Journalist

I could wear this stuff sometimes I guess.

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